many many of these stories contain adult situations for no profit. please exercise discretion and use of the back-button as necessary.

the fossil record .. [ballet shoes] .. one set of marking tapes, three different locations

good birds may fly .. [the talisman] .. no getting off the seabrook island express now, kiddies

in defeat .. [dragonlance] .. tanis captured, just like the first time

ode .. [emily of new moon] .. ilse thinks she knows

with his shield .. [little men] .. the prodigal returns to plumfield

character .. [david copperfield] .. mr. murdstone disciplines young davy

act of frith .. [watership down] .. hazel-rah, at the end of it all

or a geodesic dome .. [the simpsons] .. there are seven hundred million of us (most in apu's house)

festive .. [torchwood] .. they keep misunderstanding suzie

the dark night .. [supernatural] .. the enemy are a cowardly and superstitious lot

great northern .. [twin peaks] .. audrey spends some time with her special agent

the body (learns) .. [buffy the vampire slayer] .. what you think in those moments between heartbeats

joke sign .. [monty python] .. in-between the drinking, sometimes it makes sense

between hay and grass .. [deadwood] .. joanie's running out of places to get a drink

the underground awaits .. [the simpsons] .. springfield funerals are the best kind

keep your palms flat .. [futurama] .. breaking in your hands might just break your head

water and bones .. [lost] .. is there such a thing as a rice queen?

eiji and the terrible dark secret .. [prince of tennis] .. love in the time of ponta

the devil you know .. [bono/bono] .. that lovie dovie stuff

survival of .. [the oc] .. welcome to the disaster aftermath, bitch

shut this shit down, ladies .. [rescue me] .. tommy gavin's usually at the end of his rope

it's a helluva town .. [on the town] .. there's just one thing necessary in manhattan

scenes of passion .. [gosford park] .. henry, before england and the revelation

my kind of town .. [ocean's eleven] .. oh, but where can we get some privacy?

gunslingers .. [queer as folk uk] .. how manchester translates stateside, but with no funny accents

lowercase .. [igby goes down] .. igby's running free, but ollie's just where he's always been

the language of kings .. [the 13th warrior] .. ahmed teaches and perhaps so does buliwyf

poignancy is lost here .. [ocean's eleven] .. rusty likes to eat things, and danny has something to say

she wore the dress .. [harry potter] .. the patils are not the kicky fun kind of twins

miss me .. [harry potter] .. the train ride is always the best part

and puppydog tails .. [harry potter] .. sirius only does it because he cares, really

better than weird .. [harry potter] .. the maurauders, if they were *nsync

sing sing sing .. [harry potter] .. for once, ron gets the better of hermione

beyond the war .. [tour of duty] .. that big plane back to the world

consolations .. [tour of duty] .. growing up myron was pretty hard

going down .. [tour of duty] .. check out our vietnam romance comedy stylings!

painting by numbers .. [tour of duty] .. arts and crafts will make everything better!

seek out his wickedness .. [tour of duty] .. you never know what sinister thing will turn up

some kind of mushroom .. [tour of duty] .. it's never a bad idea to have a body swap

y'done good .. [tour of duty] .. sgt. anderson knows how to welcome a guy to the 'nam

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